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Pauline TAN

Pauline is the founder of Soristic, a social impact consultancy working on social sector research and impact evaluation. She was trained in an Impact Evaluation Technical Course run by Clear where instructors include World Bank Economist. She has conducted evaluation work regionally and locally for non-profit organisations and social enterprises. Currently she is assisting a few corporates on project design and evaluation of their CSR programs.

She has also conducted numerous research on philanthropy, social enterprises and social incubation. Her co-authored publications including Innovation in Asian Philanthropy (2013), Landscape of Social Enterprises in Singapore (2014), Philanthropy on the Road to Nationhood in Singapore (2015), Effective Social Incubation (2016), Landscape of Social Enterprise in Singapore (2017), Philanthropic Foundations in Asia (2018) and Impact Investing by Foundations in Singapore and Hong Kong (2018). Pauline also developed the Social Value Framework for social enterprises in Singapore for raiSE.




03:10 PM - 04:00 PM

Cause Prioritisation & Impact Evaluation
With limited resources, how can you make your corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects go further? Join us for a workshop and meet other CSR coordinators to figure out how to cause prioritise and better measure your impact.