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What are the Most Important Moral Problems of Our Time?

Will MacAskill


The Why and How of Effective Altruism

Peter Singer


Social Experiments to Fight Poverty

by Esther Duflo


Effective Altruism: A Better Way to Lead an Ethical Life

William MacAskill & Giles Fraser, facilitated by Kamal Ahmed


Doing Philanthropy Better

Cari Tuna and Will MacAskill


Microfinance: the problem with assuming everyone is an entrepreneur

Rachel Glennerster


The brain changing (and world changing) effects of altruism

Matthieu Ricard


How to get empowered, not overpowered, by AI

Max Tegmark


What are the best ways to improve world happiness?

Michael Plant


What We Know and Don't Know About Universal Basic Income

Alison Fahey


Effective Altruism in Government

Jason Matheny


The Effective Altruism Ecosystem

Tara Mac Aulay


fireside chat

Holden Karnofsky and Will MacAskill


Market Forces and Food Technology Will Save the World

Bruce Friedrich


Center for Applied Rationality Workshop

Duncan Sabien


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