Covering the (core) ideas in effective altruism.

These articles were originally compiled by the Centre of Effective Altruism (CEA).

We sorted them from the shortest to the longest read below.
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Why Are US Corporate Cage-Free Campaigns Succeeding?

Lewis Bollard
Apr 2017 · 8 min read

Lewis Bollard describes how a small group of campaigners convinced over 200 US companies to stop keeping chickens in battery cages.


Efficient Charity — Do Unto Others

Scott Alexander
2010 · 9 min read

The good is the enemy of the better.


Reducing Risks of Astronomical Suffering: A Neglected Priority

David Althaus and Lukas Gloor
Sep 2016 · 12 min read

David Althaus and Lukas Gloor discuss risks of astronomical suffering and how to mitigate them


Building an Effective Altruism Community

Jess Whittlestone
Nov 2017 · 12 min read

Why we might, and might not, want to help build the effective altruism community.


Three Impacts of Machine Intelligence

Paul Christiano
Aug 2013 · 13 min read

What would change if we had advanced artificial intelligence?


Effective Altruism in Government

Jason Matheny
Jun 2017 · 14 min read

How to have an impact within government.


Animal Welfare

Jess Whittlestone
Nov 2017 · 15 min read

Why you might, and might not, want to work on improving animal welfare.


Reasons to Be Nice to Other Value Systems

Brian Tomasik
Jan 2014 · 16 min read

Brian Tomasik argues that we should work together even when we value different things.


A Proposed Adjustment to the Astronomical Waste Argument

Nick Beckstead
May 2013 · 18 min read

Caring about the future doesn't mean that we should focus only on narrow interventions.


What Does (and Doesn't) AI Mean for Effective Altruism?

Owen Cotton-Barratt
Aug 2017 · 18 min read

Lays out the case for the diversified "portfolio approach" to mitigating AI risk.


The Long-Term Future

Jess Whittlestone
Nov 2017 · 19 min read

Reasons to care about the long-term future, and reasons not to.


Global Health and Development

Jess Whittlestone
Nov 2017 · 19 min read

The cases for and against working on global health.


The value of coordination

Ben Todd
Feb 2016 · 19 min read

To do good well, we need to work with others. But how can we coordinate effectively?


The Moral Value of Information

Amanda Askell
Jun 2017 · 21 min read

Interventions which give us information might be more valuable than they seem.


How can you figure out which global problem is most pressing?

Rob Wiblin
Feb 2017 · 22 min read

80,000 Hours compare problems in terms of scale, neglectedness, solvability, and personal fit.


How Much Evidence Is Enough?

Michael Kremer
Aug 2016 · 23 min read

Argues that we should pursue interventions which have not been conclusively proved, but that we should go on collecting evidence beyond that point.


Biosecurity as an EA Cause Area

Claire Zabel
Aug 2017 · 24 min read

What can we do about threats from biotechnology?


Making Sense of Long-Term Indirect Effects

Rob Wiblin
Aug 2016 · 25 min read

Indirect effects: very important, but hard to estimate


EA Community Building

Nick Beckstead
Aug 2017 · 25 min read

What we might do to maximise the effective altruism community’s impact.


Potential Risks from Advanced AI

Daniel Dewey
Aug 2017 · 26 min read

Some things we could do to improve the development of artificial intelligence.


Hits-based Giving

Holden Karnofsky
Apr 2016 · 28 min read

Holden Karnofsky argues that high-risk projects might be the best bets.


Using Evidence to Inform Policy

Heidi McAnnally-Linz
Jun 2017 · 30 min read

How can evidence-driven research ensure that effective policies are implemented?


How valuable is movement growth?

Owen Cotton-Barratt
May 2015 · 31 min read

How valuable is movement growth? And what is the best sort of growth?


Potential Risks from Advanced Artificial Intelligence: The Philanthropic Opportunity

Holden Karnofsky
May 2016 · 34 min read

Holden Karnofsky explains why the Open Philanthropy Project devotes unusually large resources to risks from advanced artifical intelligence.


Crucial Considerations and Wise Philanthropy

Pablo Stafforini
Jul 2014 · 35 min read

Nick Bostrom explores what "crucial considerations" mean for effective altruism.


Prospecting for Gold

Owen Cotton-Barratt
Nov 2016 · 37 min read

A metaphor-driven introduction to key concepts in effective altruism.


Guide to working in AI policy and strategy

Miles Brundage
Jun 2017 · 42 min read

Miles Brundage gives a detailed account of how to best get involved in AI policy and strategy for 80,000 Hours.


Report on Consciousness and Moral Patienthood

Luke Muehlhauser
Jun 2017 · 4 h 38 min read

Luke Muehlhauser looks at the literature on animal consciousness and moral patienthood.