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Recommended reads that are in line with using an evidence-based approach to understand and improve the world.

These books range in topics such as effective altruism, global poverty alleviation, high impact careers, farm animal welfare, artificial intelligence risks and more.


TED talks, conference lectures, panel discussions, interviews and more…


Covering the (core) ideas in effective altruism.

These articles were originally compiled by the Centre of Effective Altruism (CEA).

We sorted them from the shortest to the longest read.



Listen to interviews related to career impact and ideas related to effective altruism.


  • The 80,000 Hours Podcast with Rob Wiblin

  • Podcast interviews with Will MacAskill

  • Doing Good Better: A Podcast about Effective Altruism


The organisations here are affiliated with Effective Altruism (EA).

Information on these websites are characteristic in using the approach of evidence and reason, in order to find some of the best ways to help improve the world. 

Career Advice · Charity Evaluation/Effectiveness · Effective Giving/Philanthropy · Students · Long Term Future & AI Safety Research · Animal Welfare · EA Movement / Community Building · Rationality ·