Using Evidence & Careful Reasoning to Do the Most Good
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Doing good better:

Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism (EA) is about using an evidence-based approach to do the most good that we can. 

We all have limited time and resources. Many of us want to make a difference in the world, in small or big ways. 

EA offers you a set of thinking (and sometimes resources) to help you increase the impact that you can have, from where you are now. 


Cause Prioritisation & Impact Evaluation

Cause prioritisation is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

We start with a simple question: "What are the world’s biggest and most urgent problems?"

The most urgent problems are those where people can have the greatest impact by working on them – they are not only big, they’re also neglected and solvable.

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Our focus areas:


Effective Giving

Most of us give opportunistically (e.g. we give because of someone we know, advertised fundraising campaigns, natural disasters, etc.) With an EA giving philosophy, you might want to rethink how you give. Discover how you are able to create a much greater impact with your donations. 

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High-impact Careers

Did you know that you spend 80,000 hours at work in your lifetime? Compared to 'volunteering', you might be able to create a much greater social impact in this world if you are more conscious about choosing a career that could make a lot of difference. 

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Outreach & Engagement

Effective Altruism (EA) is new to a lot of people. We want to get this idea out to more groups in Singapore - philanthropists, corporates (CSR), social impact sector, students and general donors. Besides encouraging people to consider how to do good more effectively, we also have a growing community that works on various EA projects here.

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While we often tap on the existing resources in the global EA community to inform ourselves how to do good better, our local EA chapter also embarks on a few research projects. We do this to fill in our knowledge gaps, which are targeted at helping us be more informed in how we can donate, choose our careers and do good more effectively from Singapore. 

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14 GWWC Pledges. 

$80,000 Donated*.

Since August  2016, we've engaged with 500+ of you in sharing about how you can do good more effectively. 

We're really heartened to learn that people have moved on to take a giving pledge and given to more-effective charities. Some have seriously considered and chosen to take high impact career paths. 

We are on the way to collectively create a much greater impact for the world. 

* Note that these are self-reported giving among our EA SG community members; EA SG recommends effective charities evaluated by GiveWell & The Life You Can Save. EA SG does not process any donation for overseas charities.




Start giving to recommended effective charities or take a pledge.

Consider how you can make a greater impact through your career.

Support EA SG in our outreach engagement.

Help us with research projects.

Create your own EA-inspired initiative.

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