"The impact of failures in health systems is most severe on the poor everywhere, who are driven deeper into poverty by lack of financial protection against ill-health."


Poverty is a major cause of ill health and a barrier to accessing health care when needed. This relationship is financial: the poor cannot afford to purchase those things that are needed for good health, including sufficient quantities of quality food and health care. But, the relationship is also related to other factors related to poverty, such as lack of information on appropriate health-promoting practices or lack of voice needed to make social services work for them.

WHO Director-General Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland says: "The main message from this report is that the health and well- being of people around the world depend critically on the performance of the health systems that serve them. Yet there is wide variation in performance, even among countries with similar levels of income and health expenditure. It is essential for decision- makers to understand the underlying reasons so that system performance, and hence the health of populations, can be improved." 

"'The poor are treated with less respect, given less choice of service providers and offered lower- quality amenities,' says Dr Brundtland.
"This leads to large numbers of preventable deaths and disabilities; unnecessary suffering, injustice, inequality and denial of an individual's basic rights to health."




What does PSI do? 

PSI's focus areas are on reproductive health, family planning, HIV, malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and sanitation. 


What does DMI do? 

DMI targets the areas of maternal and child health, family planning, early child development and tuberculosis. 


What does Possible Health do? 

Possible focuses on four health outcomes: 

  • Surgical complications rate
  • Chronic disease control rate
  • Institutional Birth Rate
  • Postpartum Contraceptive Prevalence


What does Fistula Foundation do? 

Fistulata Foundation focuses on treating obstetric fistula with cost-effective, restorative surgery. 



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