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MEETUP: Effective Altruism Monthly Meetup

Every month, we meet up to share about Effective Altruism (EA). We are people who apply reason and global empathy to make a difference in the world! 

Effective Altruism is about doing the most good we can do. 

We ask, "With limited time and resources, how can I make the greatest positive impact in this world?"

These are the main cause areas that EA focuses on: 

1) Global poverty

2) Animal welfare

3) Existential risk

If you care about doing (more) good in this world and to do it in more effective ways, then you should come for this meetup! 

Have a chat with like-minded people and see how you'd like to be engaged with EA in Singapore :)  

Figure out how to do the most good that we can. 

And do it. 

Later Event: October 2
MEETUP: First Sunday Brunch