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Meet-up description

Every month, we meet with people who are interested in EA and discuss how we can maximize the good we can do. 

Meet-up notes: June 2016

Topic #01: EA meet-ups in Singapore

  • We should have two different platforms: (1) Introductory monthly meet-ups; (2) Working project meeting group monthly.
  • This caters to different needs: (1) new to EA; (2) further engagements in EA. 
  • Suggestion that intro meet-ups have a theme/structure to facilitate discussions (e.g. having discussion sheets with different topics each week). 
  • Perhaps also have "social meets" so discussions are less formal. 

Topic #02: Earning-to-give

  • Someone in the group mentioned that he is earning-to-give now. Read Peter Singer a long time ago and had given away a lot years ago. Somehow, things changed and he stopped giving for a long while. Returning to giving more now and has a giving plan that he roughly shared with the group. 
  • What about sharing earning-to-give with people working in civil service? With higher earnings, giving xx% regularly. 

Topic #03: Social media

  • Growing 'likes' on EA Singapore's FB Community page. 
  • Suggestion to start twitter account too. 

Topic #04: Movember fundraiser

  • Possibly something that some of us in the EA community here can take part. 
  • One beneficiary organization would be AMF. 

Topic #05: Workplace giving

  • What's the ratio of Finance v.s. Consulting firms in Singapore? 
  • What are their cultures like? (e.g. Finance - stressful, business-interests driven)
  • What's the possibility of EA members placing posters and donation bins in their workplaces for people to be aware of highly effective charities and give readily? 

Topic #06: Pitch ideas

  • Suggestion for mini giving game: "Hi, are you interested in saving lives? How many lives do you think you can save in your lifetime?"
  • Highlight that, "A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a million tragedies". (Original quote: "A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.")

Topic #07: Charitable giving 

  • Giving season tends to be end of the year (Nov/Dec)
  • For tax-deductible charities, they tend to receive more 1 month before tax-yr end