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MEETUP: How can we do the most good, in Singapore?

  • Hanis Cafe @ National Library 100 Victoria St, #01-01 188064 Singapore (map)

Meet-up description

The Effective Altruism movement has been growing rapidly, but has yet to get much traction in Singapore. Let's put our minds together and get something started.

 PHOTO:  First EA meet-up in Singapore

PHOTO: First EA meet-up in Singapore


Meet-up notes: November 2015


Summary of discussions from this meetup: 

Malaria research - Should we look at eradication through genetic modification of mosquitoes and then cross-breeding in nature? Or would bed nets reduce the malaria infections and then eventually lead to eradication? 

Hedge fund job + earning to give - 'Earning to give' is an idea in EA that tells people to find a job with higher salary and then giving a portion of it regularly to highly effective charities. A couple of people in the meetup voiced disagreement with the idea as corporations need to be ethical in the first place. The companies that we work for should not involve doing any 'harm' to the environment or society (e.g. treatment of employees/workers). Also, how meaningful are the types of CSR activities that companies engage in? Is compensating with CSR after the company has done considerable harm questionable in whether the good is outweighing the harm done?

Types of voluntarism and projects - Are they effective? How sustainable are volunteer projects like those for community service?

Microfinance - Is it really self-sustaining for the poorer communities? How helpful is microfinance? What's the difference between microfinance and GiveDirectly's impacts? 

Sustainability of EA in Singapore - The meetups have to be regular or we'll lose momentum for people. We also need to: 

  • Understand what best represents this group
  • Plan what kind of chapter we want to create
  • Set sets of goals
  • Look at potential future projects
  • Examine/look at projects that we have a comparative advantage for being located in Singapore



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