Effective altruists ask a few key questions when it comes to supporting a charity. 


  • Effectiveness: Is there evidence of the charity's impact? 
  • Cost-effectiveness: How cost effective are its programmes, particularly in relation to alleviating ill-health and saving lives? 
  • Room for more funding: If I give to this charity, will my donation make a big difference? 
  • Transparency: How open is the charity to being reviewed and does it share its progress and mistakes in a transparent manner? 

Looking to make your donation count with demonstrable impact? 


It is not easy for donors to figure out whether a charity is effective or not, based on a general internet search. 

That is why we refer to the research done by GiveWell and The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) for recommended charities. These organisations do not aim to rate every charity in this world, but to find those that they think will maximize the impact of our donations in terms of lives saved or improved

We think that the charities they recommend are very worthwhile of our support.


See list of effective charities →

Why are the recommendations international charities, not local ones? 

In the context of effective giving, we aim to help donors do as much good as possible, and GiveWell focuses its investigations on the opportunities most likely to fit this description.

Poor people in the developing-world struggle much more to meet their basic needs and to access beneficial products and services than poor people in Singapore. 

GiveWell has done multiple in-depth investigations to identify charities whose activities can be strongly connected — via empirical evidence — to improved life outcomes.

That is why, you can maximize your charitable donation's impact through the GiveWell recommended charities. 


"EA Singapore" is not affliated to any of the charities listed here. They are independently vetted by GiveWell and The Life You Can Save.

To donate to any of the EA-recommended charities, we have provided links to GiveWell or The Life You Can Save, which provides a secure platform to donate. 100% of your donation (after credit card fees) will be used to support the charity or charities of your choice.