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How to Help Animals Effectively?


To most efficiently reduce the largest amount of suffering, there is a very compelling case to focus on animals.

Animals vastly outnumber humans. To illustrate, almost 60 billion animals are bred and killed for food each year worldwide, compared to the entire human population of 7.13 billion as of December 2013.

Furthermore, as evidenced by numerous sources (undercover videosstandard agricultural practices, etc.), the suffering that animals endure—often caused by human self-interest—is enormous. By educating people about how they can best advocate for animals, we contribute to the largest possible reduction of suffering for the largest number of present and near-future living beings.

Effective Altruism Singapore draws on the research by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) and presents to members of Animal Allies ideas on how we can help animals more effectively.


Animal Allies’ mission is to provide a voice for animals. They inspire and support people and organisations to make more humane choices for all animals through advocacy, education and engagement.

Animal Allies provide free resources for people interested in learning more about plant-based living. They do outreach to the public, private, government and NGO sectors on embracing plant-based choices. They promote plant-based events in Singapore and help build a community to link people together.

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