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80000 Hours: Finding My Pathway to Impact

You have 80,000 Hours in your career. What can your impact for this world be?

This event is jointly organized by the Yale-NUS College & Effective Altruism (EA) Singapore.

Do you wish to make a difference through your career? Do wish to use your career to give back to society? Join us for an evening session with Effective Altruism, 80000 Hours and special guests as we explore ways to embark on meaningful and impactful careers. Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP.

Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2017
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Venue: Saga Student Lounge


We have invited speakers who are working in various careeer paths for them to share their experience on how they are making an impact through direct work, research and earning-to-give.

Come learn from them what to consider as you are deciding how to find your pathway to impact through your own 80,000 hours!

Business Development Manager, Citibank

Arvind has been a member of Effective Altruism (Singapore) since 2016 and provides strategic input for the development of the chapter.

He is also a signatory of the ‘Giving What We Can’ pledge (i.e. pledging to give at least 10% of one’s income to the organisations that one thinks can do the most good).

"It is overwhelming to consider the scale of (easily preventable) suffering in the world. ... I pledged to contribute 10% of my income for life to the most effective charities that address this suffering. It's really not a lot. But I suspect when I look back, it will be the best thing I ever spent on."

Managing Director, Asia Research and Engagement (ARE)

Ben is the founder and Managing Director of Singapore based Asia Research and Engagement. ARE provides high quality research and representation for foreign financiers in relation to their Asian holdings and helps NGO's engage with the financial and corporate sectors.

Previously, Benjamin was the Head of Research at Responsible Research, where his publication, "The Future of Fish in Asia," won the Farsight Award for the best piece of ESG/ financial research of 2011. 

Benjamin is a former fund manager and Oxford graduate.

Head of Corporate Innovation, Impact Hub Singapore

Eli leads the strategy, business development, and project management for Corporate Innovation at Impact Hub Singapore, a network of innovation studios where entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.

The Corporate Innovation Program is dedicated to driving forward-looking organizations to think, collaborate, and innovate differently by working with the region's best startups, entrepreneurs, and techies.

Director of Coaching, 80,000 Hours

After pursuing clinical medicine, Peter worked with the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute before coming to 80,000 Hours. Peter co-founded Effective Altruism Australia, a tax-deductible charity that in its first 2 years has raised over $1.5 million for effective charities, founded a mobile phone repairs company, and managed a large sales team at the age of 18.

Peter will join us on Skype and answer any questions that you have on 80,000 Hours’ advice for making an impact through your career.

80,000 HOURS

80,000 Hours is an independent non-profit founded in Oxford in 2011. They perform research into career choice, and provide advice to graduates who want to use their careers to make a big positive impact in the world.

They have an online guide that tells you new ways to make an impact, and a community to help you take action. Advice by 80,000 Hours is based on four years of research with academics at Oxford.

The organisation is part of the Centre for Effective Altruism, affiliated with the University of Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. 

80,000 Hours refers to the typical amount of time someone spends working over a lifetime.