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Introducing Effective Altruism (with Prof Peter Singer)

Post-event notes: 

Humanist Society (Singapore) (HSS) has generously helped to transcribe the Q&A with Prof Peter Singer here

You can also watch all the talks/workshops here: 

  • Part 1 - "Giving: Limited Resources, Maximum Impact" by Ms Zheng Huifen, HSS vice-president

  • Part 2 - "Introducing Effective Altruism" by Kyle Tan and Ying Xia from EA Singapore

  • Part 3a - Giving Game: Introductions facilitated by Wanyi and Anurag from EA Singapore & EA Bangalore

  • Part 3b - Giving Game: Results

  • Part 4 - Q&A with Prof Peter Singer

Credits for the videos and transcription goes to Humanist Society (Singapore)

Giving Game vote results: 

  • Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) - 6 votes (USD 110.00)

  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) - 21 votes (USD 375.00)

  • Population Services International (PSI) - 14 votes (USD 250.00)

The Giving Game for this event was sponsored by The Life You Can Save (TLYCS). Donations to the organizations were directly given from TLYCS to the respective organizations based on the participants' votes. 



This is our first public Effective Altruism (EA) event in Singapore!  

We invite you to join us as we explore how we can maximise the impact of our charitable resources, through our donations, career or volunteer work. 


Peter Singer has been called the world’s “most influential living philosopher”. Sometimes controversial, always practical, the ethicist stirs public debate about morality, from animal welfare to global poverty. He will join us over Skype. If you have got burning EA questions for him, come and ask him during the Q&A! 



Zheng Huifen, vice-president of Humanist Society (Singapore) ("HSS"), will give this talk, covering the ethics of and rationale for philanthropy. We will learn more about how to evaluate charities and NGOs in terms of Effective Altruism. 


Have you given much thought to your own "Giving Philosophy"? Giving Game is a philanthropy education session that promotes thoughtful and impactful giving. Participants learn about a few pre-selected charities, think about and discuss their relative merits. At the end, we'll choose which one of these charities will get a real donation sponsored by The Life You Can Save