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Mensa Soapbox: Introductions to Effective Altruism

With limited time and resources, how can I make the greatest positive impact in this world?
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We ask, "With limited time and resources, how can I make the greatest positive impact in this world?"

An average of 16,000 children die every day. All these children are under the age of five. Most of them die from preventable and treatable poverty-related causes. 

While it seems that there is nothing much that we can do to help those living in poverty far away, this is not true. There is evidence that shows we can all do something to contribute towards poverty alleviation and saving lives. 


In this event, we will introduce you to Effective Altruism, which is about optimizing the usage of our charitable resources. It's about applying reason and global empathy in the way we do good.

You will also get to participate in the Giving Game, which is a philanthropy education session that promotes thoughtful and impactful giving. Get to learn about a few pre-selected effective charities -- think about and discuss their relative merits. At the end, you get choose which one of these charities will get a donation. 

This Soapbox event will be presented by Zeng Wanyi, co-founder of Effective Altruism Singapore. This is a local chapter of a growing social movement that combines both the heart and the head: compassion guided by data and reason. It's about dedicating a significant part of one's life to improving the world and rigorously asking the question, “Of all the possible ways to make a difference, how can I make the greatest difference?”