Open House 2019
6:45 PM18:45

Open House 2019

Register here:

Register here:



This event is for anyone interested to find out more about Effective Altruism Singapore (EA SG)!


• EA SG updates on plans and activities in 2019
• EffectiveGiving.Asia research
• Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) fundraiser updates
• Student chapters and reading groups
• Animal charities

Some IMPORTANT things to take note of:

• Although we have listed this event as free, we're actually going for a pay-as-you-want model. We estimated the total cost per person to be $16 ($14.50 for food and $1.50 for miscellaneous event items), but feel free to drop any amount when you are registering at the event space! No obligations!

• We're catering vegan buffet for everyone, even if you've paid $0.00 - so definitely RSVP now!


Effective Altruism Singapore (EA SG) started with monthly meetups in Nov 2015 and we've evolved a lot from then!

• Wonder what EA SG have been up to in the past year?
• Want to hear about our plans for 2019?
• Are you interested to get involved in the EA movement/community here?
• Got any suggestions for us or things that you’d like to see EA SG offer to help you do good better?

Get to know about our plans and programmes for 2019.

Come meet other like-minded people and connect with others in the community!.

You can find more details regarding EA SG at You can also follow us at our Meetup group or Facebook page


We are grateful for the event space provided by A Good Space – where changemakers flourish as a community to imagine and create experiences that expand perspectives across diverse social issues.

From Poverty Simulations to a Feast with Seniors, come learn about a wide range of social issues through innovative activities. To learn more and join the community, visit their website at:

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EarthFest 2019
9:00 AM09:00

EarthFest 2019

EarthFest 2019.jpg

EA SG will be participating at EarthFest 2019.

Come visit our stall and check out our games / quizzes to see how evidence-based you are when you’re trying to target environmental impact.

This event is organised by EarthFest Singapore:

EarthFest has been growing year over year and is now be celebrating its 4th edition on January 20, 2019! From its inception, it has been designed to be a genuinely sustainable festival and always tries to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

This year we'll have new vendors, new guest speakers in the talks by Green Is The New Black Asia, new performers, a new children's area by orgayana and are even bringing in a tiny house for you to explore :) In total, it'll be over 130 stalls - our biggest yet!

This year we’re encouraging the new EarthLife - Happiness through Responsible Living habits:

Minimalism: Choosing experiences with friends and family over materialism lessens your footprint.

Plant-based: Eating lower on the food chain reduces greenhouse gases and land and water usage.

Zero Waste: Preventing waste is better than recycling.

Biophilia: Making time to foster a love of nature gives us a reason to care enough to protect it.

Advocacy: Donating our time or money to environmental causes is the only way change happens.

Carbon Positive: It’s time to go beyond carbon neutral to having our lives remove CO2 from the air.

We will have over 130 stalls this year and expand into a third floor. There will be something for everyone and all interests - all packaged in one of the most sustainable and beautiful venues in the world: Marina Barrage!

Excited? We are and hope you are too! We hope to see you on January 20, 2019 from 11 am to 4:30 pm for EarthFest! The limited tickets are free and available at

Those are just a few of the new things we've got brewing. We'll be releasing all the details via EarthFest Singapore page.

A big shout out to Singapore Press Holdings - Engaging Minds, Enriching Lives, 灵芝素食馆 LINGZHI VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT, and bio-home for sponsoring EarthFest this year!

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What the Fact?!
2:00 PM14:00

What the Fact?!


What's the most dangerous animals in the world causing human deaths? Are you afraid of taking flights with images of plane crashes from the news etched in your mind? Is the world a more violent place with wars and crimes? 

We're inundated with news about the world - and the world seems like a terrible place to live in now. 

But, is that really the case? 

In the last 20 years, are there more, less or the same percentage of people in the world who live in extreme poverty? 

In 1900, there was about half a million people who died every year from natural disasters (e.g. floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts). How many people die from natural disasters now? 

Come join us for this session of "What the fact?!" to help each other better understand the world. Let's start with clearing up some misconceptions because there is a high chance of us being quite wrong about what we think we know about the world. 

Our claim: The world is actually a better place to live in now than ever before in human history. 

We'll be sharing why we think this is so. And we'll share with you how you can equip yourself with skills to use more evidence and reason to more accurately understand the world we live in. 

Let's not be ignorant about the world! 

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Doing Good Better [Conference]
9:00 AM09:00

Doing Good Better [Conference]


Join us for this inaugural conference-style EA event in Singapore.

We are expecting this to be the biggest EA gathering in Singapore to date. Don't miss the chance to meet those who are like-minded and impact-oriented, like you.


Have you been thinking about how you can do good better?

Effective Altruism (EA) might be your answer.

Effective Altruism is about using our limited resources effectively to create a much greater impact. As part of the global movement, EA SG is bringing to you the ideas, research and community network that you need. We want to support you in figuring out how you can do the most good that you can in the world.

Effective Altruism will lead you to discover causes that you might not have thought of in the first place. Learn about cause prioritisation and impact evaluation — concepts that make you view the world’s greatest problems differently.

The best ways to do good can be counterintuitive. Rather than just doing what feels right, we use evidence and careful analysis to find the very best causes to work on.

Doing good is simple. Doing good effectively is not. Learn how you can do good better on 18th Aug.

Check out the profile of our speakers here.

DGB schedule_01.jpg
DGB schedule_02.jpg

Supported by: A Good Space

This event is kindly supported by A Good Space ( - Where People of Purpose Play - as part of the Be Inspired program. It transforms ordinary spaces into places of purpose by convening catalysts to invent, innovate, intersect and inspire communities.

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GIVING GAME @ TEDx Pickering Street
10:00 AM10:00

GIVING GAME @ TEDx Pickering Street


NOTE: TEDx Pickering Street is held at Enabling Village this year. Registration for the Giving Game starts at 1530 @ meeting point, registration booth. 


What's your giving philosophy? How do you decide when you're making a donation?

Join us for a Giving Game, where you can get to discuss and vote for a charity (out of three pre-selected charities) that you want us to donate to.

We're facilitating a workshop at TEDxPickeringStreet event for anyone interested to explore your own giving philosophy.

It's sponsored by our local Effective Altruism (EA) members, and this makes your vote count - makes the experience of thinking through before you decide on which charity to give to.

Hope to see you there!


Giving Games are a method of teaching people about charitable giving. They employ “experiential philanthropy”: participants learn by giving away real money to real charities.

Most Giving Games take the form of a 60-90 minute workshop.

Participants hear an introduction covering basic concepts of effective giving, learn about several pre-selected charities, think about and discuss the relative merits of each, and choose which charity will receive the money at stake (which is typically sponsored by an outside party).

By framing giving as a choice between good options, the Giving Game model encourages people to be intentional, informed, and impactful in their giving.

This Giving Game is privately sponsored by a member of EA SG. 

Supported by: TEDx Pickering Street

TEDxPickeringStreet is an independently organized TEDx event, licensed by TED. It is completely volunteer-run and financially supported by the generous help of fantastic corporate partners and ticket sales.

The event was born from the belief that language should be a barrier in the sharing of great ideas. While it originally began as a bilingual event, it is now a ‘language-blind’ platform where speakers of any and every linguistic background can come and share their ideas with the world. In addition to contributing to TED's vision for 'ideas worth spreading', we also hope to promote the values of inclusion, connection and play through our annual events.

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Future of Food: The End of Factory Farming
7:30 PM19:30

Future of Food: The End of Factory Farming

The world needs food that is sustainably-made and delicious. I like to think it is the future, and it starts with creating consumer movement.
— COO, Impossible Foods

What's the future of our food going to look like?


Jacy Reese is the Research Director and co-founder of Sentience Institute, a nonprofit think tank researching the most effective strategies for expanding humanity’s moral circle. He previously served as Board Chair and as a researcher at Animal Charity Evaluators. His writing has appeared in Vox, Salon, and Quartz, and he has presented his research to academic and nonprofit audiences in fifteen countries.

He applies an analytical lens of “effective altruism,” the burgeoning philosophy of using evidence-based research to maximise one’s positive impact in the world, in order to better understand which strategies can help expand the moral circle now and in the future.

The author of an upcoming book, The End of Animal Farming, Jacy Reese shows how the future of food will be a system in which the tastes of even the most die-hard meat-eater are satisfied by innovative food technologies like cultured meats and plant-based protein. Reese will invite his readers—vegan and non-vegan—to consider one of the most important and transformational social movements of the coming decades.


ANIMAL ALLIES by Rebecca Cappelli

Rebecca will share a brief introduction of Animal Allies and some key initiatives in Singapore to help farm animals. The audience will also learn some inspirational steps anyone can take today to successfully transition their diet and lifestyle choices to lay the foundation for a better future for all.

Check out Rebecca’s 2018 documentary: Let Us Be Heroes

Animal Allies are part of the Centre for a Responsible Future, which also includes EarthFest and Vegetarian Society (Singapore), with other organisations under development including a Plant Based Business Association. 

They inspire people to make more compassionate, healthy and sustainable choices in Singapore.


Organised by: Effective Altruism (EA) Singapore 

Effective Altruism Singapore (EA SG) is part of the network of EA chapters globally.

Effective Altruism (EA) is about using evidence and and careful reasoning to figure out how we can improve the world. We ask, "With limited time and money, how can I create the greatest positive impact possible?"

We believe that with the affluence in Singapore, we have a great opportunity to use our resources more effectively to make a positive difference in the world. At EA SG, we are focused on effective giving, high impact careers as well as research.

We engage with donors, students, philanthropists, corporates, and social impact organisations to share ideas and look at ways for how to do good more effectively.


Supported by: A Good Space

This event is kindly supported by A Good Space ( - Where People of Purpose Play - as part of the Be Inspired program. It transforms ordinary spaces into places of purpose by convening catalysts to invent, innovate, intersect and inspire communities.

This event is free, but we have limited seats so please sign up here:

See you there!

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9:30 AM09:30


What’s your giving philosophy?


We’ll be facilitating a Giving Game, as part of the main event ‘A Good Day’, to let participants explore what their personal giving philosophy is.


  • Cultivate an effective giving mindset / personal giving philosophy.


  • Participants will be introduced to the idea of 'effective giving' and the charities that have been evaluated and recommended by GiveWell (or The Life You Can Save). 

  • There will be a set of guided questions and cheatsheet for the discussion. 

  • They'll break into groups of 4-5 and discuss among themselves their decision-making process for which charity they'd like to give to. 

  • Participants will cast individual votes (only one vote for each person) after the discussion, for the charity they choose to give to (out of the three pre-selected charities). 


  • Based on the number of votes at the end, SG$200 worth of sponsored donation for the Giving Game will be split proportionately among the three charities. 



Come support a diverse group of changemakers and participate in their innovative activities at A Good Day on 23 June 2018, a unique full-day event by A Good Space. A Good Space is a community-partnership initiative of National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) with the aim of transforming ordinary spaces into places of purpose.

12 activities will take place across 4 different locations, with themes ranging from Mental Wellness, Persons with Disabilities, Seniors and more. 

You will: 
👉🏼LEARN about social issues 
👉🏼MEET inspiring change-makers
👉🏼CONNECT with awesome people who want to do good


A Good Space is Where People of Purpose Play. They transform ordinary spaces into places of purpose by convening catalysts to invent, innovate, intersect and inspire communities.

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DATA DIVE by DataKind
to Apr 15

DATA DIVE by DataKind



Save the weekend! We're having our DataDive on the weekend of 13-15 April!


A DataDive is a weekend-long event where non-profit organizations work alongside data science volunteers, developers and designers to analyze data to gain insight into their programs, the communities they serve and more. Unlike a hackathon, there is no competition and no winner; instead, everyone is working towards the common goal of helping the non-profit organizations be more effective at what they do.

Check out the project statements for each organization below:

Community Justice Centre + Law Society of Singapore Pro Bono Services +

(1) We want to use demographic data of clients (people who come to seek free legal advice) to gain insights of the recent trends so as to cater to the needs of the community better.
(2) We want to use anonymized case information of clients to classify them into case types using machine learning.
(3) We want to use anonymized case information of clients to generate FAQ for common case types.

Effective Altruism Singapore

EffectiveGiving.Asia is a project that seeks to find effective charities in SE Asia. We want to continue the web scraping exercise to provide more baseline data to be used in the project.
We want to use the scraped dataset to find insights/trends so that EA SG can implement their project better.

Special thanks to Expedia ( for being our venue sponsor!


Friday, Apr 13th

7 pm: Doors open, sign-in (we're on the 6th floor!)
7.30 pm: Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations and Data challenge
8.15 pm: Meet and greet, team forming
9 pm: Close for the night

It's a great chance to learn about the non-profits and their data, meet the other volunteers you'll be working and talk with others from our partner causes!

Saturday, Apr 14th

9 am: Doors open, sign-in
9.30 am: a Brief review from Team leads, then data diving!
12.30 pm: Lunch
1 pm: Open Roundtables
6 pm: Dinner
9 pm: Everybody goes home for the night

Saturday we'll start work on the data! DataDivers will choose which problems they'd like to work on and form teams around their individual questions. There will be roving DataKind project team leads who will help advise on and manage the projects throughout the day.

Sunday, Apr 15th

9 am: Doors open, sign-in
9.30am: a Brief review from Team leads, then data diving!
12.00 pm: Lunch
1 pm: Prepare presentation
2 pm: Team presentations
3 pm: Another successful DataDive in the books!

This is your chance to show the world what you have done with data, and for our non-profit partners to better understand what your team did! These presentations can be single or group work, but they can be no longer than 10 minutes each. We want to give everyone a chance to speak, and get people out at a reasonable time.

Other items of note for the weekend

We held a DataLearn on reproducible research. Volunteers attending the DataDive are encouraged to setup Docker for the DataDive. If you've missed the DataLearn session, you can watch the video here (

Volunteers at all levels are welcome throughout the weekend. If you're already a pro, we're looking for some subject-area experts to help with project preparation and be resources throughout the DataDive.

Unlike a hackathon, the goal is not (necessarily) to create an app, and it is not a competition. Instead, the objective is to work with teams of experts to understand a difficult problem through data. You could end up with a visualization, an analysis, some graphs, or even just some new datasets by the end of the event, and all of those are fantastic results!

There is a Github repository setup to use for sharing code and analyses during the event. This will be our primary resource for capturing everything developed at the DataDive, so please use it for sharing and collaboration.

You do not have to stay the entire weekend to participate in the event. We hope that you will find a project you can dig into, but you are always welcome to come and go as you please.

You do not have to work on the same project for the whole weekend. Again, we hope that you will find a project to work on to completion, but if at any point you feel like you want to change simply let the DataKind project team lead for your team know.

We do not provide any hardware or software for you to use. We'll have the data and some services set up (Trello, slack, Github), but otherwise, you should bring your own laptop and come ready to use whatever data tools you like.

What should you bring?

• Your laptop + power
• A water bottle to refill
• Lots of energy and enthusiasm!

See you there!

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What is 'social impact'?
7:00 PM19:00

What is 'social impact'?


Effective altruism (EA) is about answering one simple question: 

How can we use our limited resources to help others the most?

But first, how do individuals and groups define "impact"?

Join us for this roundtable and help us understand: 
1) how you conceptualise impact,
2) how you measure impact, and
3) how we can be more effective in creating a greater impact. 

Come share and discuss with us.

Whether you're someone experienced in the space of social impact/impact evaluation or you're personally involved in giving to various causes, we want to hear from you. 

Help us understand how we can all do good better from Singapore. 

About EA SG

EA Singapore's mission is to promote an evidence-based approach in the ways we do good, to create a bigger impact in the world.

We think that through the use of rigorous research and careful analysis, we can find important causes to work on. 

We believe in helping others by as much as possible; and we're a community of people focusing our efforts on trying to address some of the world's most pressing problems. 


The venue for this event was supported by A Good Space, as part of the Be Inspired program. A Good Space is where People of Purpose Play. It transforms ordinary spaces into places of purpose by convening catalysts to invent, innovate, intersect and inspire communities.

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Open House 2018
6:45 PM18:45

Open House 2018



Effective Altruism Singapore (EA SG) started with monthly meetups in Nov 2015 and we've evolved a lot from then!

More than 400 people came through our doors and we've shared ideas and exchanged EA discussions with many of you.

We also took in a lot of feedback and this helped shape the way we're working now - thank you! :)

• Wonder what EA SG have been up to in the past year?

• Want to hear about our plans for 2018?

• Are you interested to get involved in the EA movement/community here?

• Got any suggestions for us or things that you’d like to see EA SG offer to help you do good better?

This event is for anyone interested to find out more about EA SG, how you can tap on our resources or get involved. We'll be sharing more about our plans and programmes for 2018.

Come meet other like-minded people in the community in this annual gathering.

**Food is provided - we're catering vegan buffet for everyone, so RSVP now!


Here's what we'll share about: 

• EA SG updates on plans and activities in 2018 
• Research project on effective charities in Southeast Asia
• GWWC pledge
• Founders’ Pledge 
• 2018 Fundraiser updates & the 3 effective charities
• Updates on EA @ NUS
• Food* & themed discussions


"With limited time and resources, how can I make the greatest positive impact in this world?" That is the question which we ask at Effective Altruism Singapore.

Effective altruism (EA) is a global movement that seeks to apply evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. It is about doing the most good we can do.

If you care about doing good and to do it in more effective ways, come join us for an introduction to effective altruism to find out more about how you can make a difference in the world.

More than 400 people came through our doors and we've shared ideas and exchanged EA discussions with many of you. 

We also took in a lot of feedback and this helped shape the way we're working now - thank you! :)

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Charity Book Sale
12:00 PM12:00

Charity Book Sale

Out with the old, in with the new! 
HSS_charity book sale.jpg

Come join us for this used book sale, organised in collaboration with Humanist Society Singapore. 

There are two parts to this:

  1. donate books for the sale, and/or

  2. browse the rest of the donated collection! 

Proceeds will go to the Good Food Institute, a non-profit focusing on clean meat and plant-based alternatives to animal products. GFI has been one of the top 3 rated charities by Animal Charity Evaluators since 2016 (read: it's one of the more effective animal-related charities out there!!).


q: I'd like to donate books but I can't make it. What can I do? 
a: Drop us a message/ post a call for help on the event page. We'll try to arrange for a volunteer to pick up the books from you, depending on the number of books you have for donation :)

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The Giving Game by EA NUS
5:00 PM17:00

The Giving Game by EA NUS

The challenge for us is this: How can we ensure that, when we try to help others, we do so as effectively as possible?
— William MacAskill


In Effective Altruism NUS' debut event, we will be hosting a Giving Game. Giving games are a common mode of philathropy education, in which participants deliberate how to make informed decisions about maximising social impact in their giving. 

All are welcome - whether you're new to the idea and want to find out more, or simply want to get connected with likeminded people in a fun and chill session! 

See you on Friday, outside Starbucks at the Education Resource Centre on UTown! Check out the directions to UTown here:

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Future of AI: Development, Safety and Risks (by Richard Mallah)
7:00 PM19:00

Future of AI: Development, Safety and Risks (by Richard Mallah)

Technology is giving life the potential to flourish like never before... or to self-destruct. Let’s make a difference!
— Future of Life Institute
EA SG event_15 Jun 2017.jpg

This event is jointly organized by the Singapore Futurists & Effective Altruism (EA) Singapore.

What would the future of AI development be like? Is it going to turn out to be net beneficial to humanity? Or are there risks in AI development or deployment that could grow to be catastrophic in the future? How can we affect the trajectory to get the benefits while mitigating the risks?

As the optimization power and range of actions of autonomous AI agents grow over the years, researchers can foresee specific new challenges in the future of AI. Would it result in the way that designers, customers, and society would like it to be? What can be done to make that more likely?

Richard Mallah, Director of AI Projects at the Future of Life Institute, is here to join us in Singapore to speak on this topic. He will share about the types of emergent issues, technical research threads aimed at preventing or mitigating these issues (e.g. increasing contextual awareness, agent foundations, avoiding reward-gaming, safe exploration, establishing scalable control, computational deference, statistical-behavioral trust establishment, and many others), and the ethical, economic, and societal challenges that these systems will pose and what can be done about those.

Come join us for an evening of thoughtful discussion on AI development, safety and risk issues, for the future.

About the speaker:

Richard Mallah is Director of AI Projects at the Future of Life Institute, an EA NGO which aims to keep AI robust and beneficial to mankind. Richard is an advisor to multipleAI-oriented SaaS firms and NGOs where he advises on AI, machine learning, knowledge management, startup life, and sustainability.

About Future of Life Institute (FLI):

FLI's mission is to catalyze and support research and initiatives for safeguarding life and developing optimistic visions of the future, including positive ways for humanity to steer its own course considering new technologies and challenges. FLI has significant initiatives within AI safety.

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80000 Hours: Finding My Pathway to Impact
7:00 PM19:00

80000 Hours: Finding My Pathway to Impact

You have 80,000 Hours in your career. What can your impact for this world be?

This event is jointly organized by the Yale-NUS College & Effective Altruism (EA) Singapore.

Do you wish to make a difference through your career? Do wish to use your career to give back to society? Join us for an evening session with Effective Altruism, 80000 Hours and special guests as we explore ways to embark on meaningful and impactful careers. Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP.

Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2017
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Venue: Saga Student Lounge


We have invited speakers who are working in various careeer paths for them to share their experience on how they are making an impact through direct work, research and earning-to-give.

Come learn from them what to consider as you are deciding how to find your pathway to impact through your own 80,000 hours!

Business Development Manager, Citibank

Arvind has been a member of Effective Altruism (Singapore) since 2016 and provides strategic input for the development of the chapter.

He is also a signatory of the ‘Giving What We Can’ pledge (i.e. pledging to give at least 10% of one’s income to the organisations that one thinks can do the most good).

"It is overwhelming to consider the scale of (easily preventable) suffering in the world. ... I pledged to contribute 10% of my income for life to the most effective charities that address this suffering. It's really not a lot. But I suspect when I look back, it will be the best thing I ever spent on."

Managing Director, Asia Research and Engagement (ARE)

Ben is the founder and Managing Director of Singapore based Asia Research and Engagement. ARE provides high quality research and representation for foreign financiers in relation to their Asian holdings and helps NGO's engage with the financial and corporate sectors.

Previously, Benjamin was the Head of Research at Responsible Research, where his publication, "The Future of Fish in Asia," won the Farsight Award for the best piece of ESG/ financial research of 2011. 

Benjamin is a former fund manager and Oxford graduate.

Head of Corporate Innovation, Impact Hub Singapore

Eli leads the strategy, business development, and project management for Corporate Innovation at Impact Hub Singapore, a network of innovation studios where entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.

The Corporate Innovation Program is dedicated to driving forward-looking organizations to think, collaborate, and innovate differently by working with the region's best startups, entrepreneurs, and techies.

Director of Coaching, 80,000 Hours

After pursuing clinical medicine, Peter worked with the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute before coming to 80,000 Hours. Peter co-founded Effective Altruism Australia, a tax-deductible charity that in its first 2 years has raised over $1.5 million for effective charities, founded a mobile phone repairs company, and managed a large sales team at the age of 18.

Peter will join us on Skype and answer any questions that you have on 80,000 Hours’ advice for making an impact through your career.

80,000 HOURS

80,000 Hours is an independent non-profit founded in Oxford in 2011. They perform research into career choice, and provide advice to graduates who want to use their careers to make a big positive impact in the world.

They have an online guide that tells you new ways to make an impact, and a community to help you take action. Advice by 80,000 Hours is based on four years of research with academics at Oxford.

The organisation is part of the Centre for Effective Altruism, affiliated with the University of Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. 

80,000 Hours refers to the typical amount of time someone spends working over a lifetime.

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How to Help Animals Effectively?
11:00 AM11:00

How to Help Animals Effectively?


To most efficiently reduce the largest amount of suffering, there is a very compelling case to focus on animals.

Animals vastly outnumber humans. To illustrate, almost 60 billion animals are bred and killed for food each year worldwide, compared to the entire human population of 7.13 billion as of December 2013.

Furthermore, as evidenced by numerous sources (undercover videosstandard agricultural practices, etc.), the suffering that animals endure—often caused by human self-interest—is enormous. By educating people about how they can best advocate for animals, we contribute to the largest possible reduction of suffering for the largest number of present and near-future living beings.

Effective Altruism Singapore draws on the research by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) and presents to members of Animal Allies ideas on how we can help animals more effectively.


Animal Allies’ mission is to provide a voice for animals. They inspire and support people and organisations to make more humane choices for all animals through advocacy, education and engagement.

Animal Allies provide free resources for people interested in learning more about plant-based living. They do outreach to the public, private, government and NGO sectors on embracing plant-based choices. They promote plant-based events in Singapore and help build a community to link people together.

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EA SG 2016 Year-End Gathering
7:00 PM19:00

EA SG 2016 Year-End Gathering



Catered vegan dinner will be set up by 6.45pm. 

Register first and proceed for the buffet. Get to know each other in the room over food and drinks.

7.30pm - EA SG -- shares updates and about our chapter plans 
7.50pm - DataKind -- shared by Lee Pui Kwan 
8.05pm - Animal Allies -- shared by Michael Broadhead
8.20pm - Science Slam -- by Nikolai Morin 
8.25pm - Q&A
8.35pm - networking / small discussion groups / card games 
9.15-9.30pm - end event

Looking forward very much to seeing you all there!



We're organizing a year-end gathering for everyone to re-connect, exchange ideas and befriend other like-minded people in the community. 

Besides updates on EA in Singapore and globally, DataKind SG and Animal Allies will also share with us what they do. These are evidence-based and impact-oriented organisations doing work that we appreciate. 

We'll have much time for you to network, have mini discussion corners, play card games and enjoy some light catered food and drinks. 

We welcome all to join this Effective Altruism Singapore event. :)

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Mensa Soapbox: Introductions to Effective Altruism
3:00 PM15:00

Mensa Soapbox: Introductions to Effective Altruism

With limited time and resources, how can I make the greatest positive impact in this world?
The Future of Food.png


We ask, "With limited time and resources, how can I make the greatest positive impact in this world?"

An average of 16,000 children die every day. All these children are under the age of five. Most of them die from preventable and treatable poverty-related causes. 

While it seems that there is nothing much that we can do to help those living in poverty far away, this is not true. There is evidence that shows we can all do something to contribute towards poverty alleviation and saving lives. 


In this event, we will introduce you to Effective Altruism, which is about optimizing the usage of our charitable resources. It's about applying reason and global empathy in the way we do good.

You will also get to participate in the Giving Game, which is a philanthropy education session that promotes thoughtful and impactful giving. Get to learn about a few pre-selected effective charities -- think about and discuss their relative merits. At the end, you get choose which one of these charities will get a donation. 

This Soapbox event will be presented by Zeng Wanyi, co-founder of Effective Altruism Singapore. This is a local chapter of a growing social movement that combines both the heart and the head: compassion guided by data and reason. It's about dedicating a significant part of one's life to improving the world and rigorously asking the question, “Of all the possible ways to make a difference, how can I make the greatest difference?”

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Introducing Effective Altruism (with Prof Peter Singer)
3:30 PM15:30

Introducing Effective Altruism (with Prof Peter Singer)

Post-event notes: 

Humanist Society (Singapore) (HSS) has generously helped to transcribe the Q&A with Prof Peter Singer here

You can also watch all the talks/workshops here: 

  • Part 1 - "Giving: Limited Resources, Maximum Impact" by Ms Zheng Huifen, HSS vice-president

  • Part 2 - "Introducing Effective Altruism" by Kyle Tan and Ying Xia from EA Singapore

  • Part 3a - Giving Game: Introductions facilitated by Wanyi and Anurag from EA Singapore & EA Bangalore

  • Part 3b - Giving Game: Results

  • Part 4 - Q&A with Prof Peter Singer

Credits for the videos and transcription goes to Humanist Society (Singapore)

Giving Game vote results: 

  • Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) - 6 votes (USD 110.00)

  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) - 21 votes (USD 375.00)

  • Population Services International (PSI) - 14 votes (USD 250.00)

The Giving Game for this event was sponsored by The Life You Can Save (TLYCS). Donations to the organizations were directly given from TLYCS to the respective organizations based on the participants' votes. 



This is our first public Effective Altruism (EA) event in Singapore!  

We invite you to join us as we explore how we can maximise the impact of our charitable resources, through our donations, career or volunteer work. 


Peter Singer has been called the world’s “most influential living philosopher”. Sometimes controversial, always practical, the ethicist stirs public debate about morality, from animal welfare to global poverty. He will join us over Skype. If you have got burning EA questions for him, come and ask him during the Q&A! 



Zheng Huifen, vice-president of Humanist Society (Singapore) ("HSS"), will give this talk, covering the ethics of and rationale for philanthropy. We will learn more about how to evaluate charities and NGOs in terms of Effective Altruism. 


Have you given much thought to your own "Giving Philosophy"? Giving Game is a philanthropy education session that promotes thoughtful and impactful giving. Participants learn about a few pre-selected charities, think about and discuss their relative merits. At the end, we'll choose which one of these charities will get a real donation sponsored by The Life You Can Save

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Introducing Effective Altruism [with Prof Neil Sinhababu]
7:00 PM19:00

Introducing Effective Altruism [with Prof Neil Sinhababu]


Effective altruists try to do as much good as possible by helping others in the most cost-effective ways.

This talk will go over some basic ideas of effective altruism, including the importance of choosing the right charities to donate to, and how to choose the best career for making the world a better place.

Join us at NUS: CAPT, Flying Seed!

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