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EA SG Social Hangout

It's social time with the Effective Altruists in Singapore! :)

Did you just hear about Effective Altruism (EA)? Wondering what's this all about? Or have you already read/watched something with these words in there and didn't realize there's this cool group in Singapore?

If you care about doing good and to do it in more effective ways, you won't want to miss finding out about Effective Altruism.

We are a community of people who asks, "How can I do as much good as possible?". We use evidence and reason to figure out how to be more effective in doing good.

Join us for an evening of mingling, chats and discussions broadly based around the ideas of Effective Altruism.

This will be friendly and fun for anyone, including newcomers! We love meeting people who care about increasing your quotient of positivity in this world. ;)

Feel free to come with your friend(s) whom you think might want to learn and discuss how best to make the world a better place.

See you there!

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