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EA SG: Open House 2018


Effective Altruism Singapore (EA SG) started with monthly meetups in Nov 2015 and we've evolved a lot from then!

More than 400 people came through our doors and we've shared ideas and exchanged EA discussions with many of you.

We also took in a lot of feedback and this helped shape the way we're working now - thank you! :)

• Wonder what EA SG have been up to in the past year?

• Want to hear about our plans for 2018?

• Are you interested to get involved in the EA movement/community here?

• Got any suggestions for us or things that you’d like to see EA SG offer to help you do good better?

This event is for anyone interested to find out more about EA SG, how you can tap on our resources or get involved. We'll be sharing more about our plans and programmes for 2018.

Come meet other like-minded people in the community in this annual gathering.

**Food is provided - we're catering vegan buffet for everyone, so RSVP now!


"With limited time and resources, how can I make the greatest positive impact in this world?" That is the question which we ask at Effective Altruism Singapore.

Effective altruism (EA) is a global movement that seeks to apply evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. It is about doing the most good we can do.

If you care about doing good and to do it in more effective ways, come join us for an introduction to effective altruism to find out more about how you can make a difference in the world.

Later Event: February 23
EA SG Social Hangout