Don’t just give.
Make your dollar go further.


Have you thought about how much impact you can have when you give?

We think about this question — a lot.

By being situated in a high-income country like Singapore, more than 50% of the working population are in the top 2% of global income distribution. If you are reading this, you are likely someone who has achieved tertiary education and if you are in the workforce, you fall in this category.

So what?

With exponential growth in wealth, this brings us resources and extraordinary opportunities to do something meaningful for others. While philanthropists are often seen as people who can do a lot of good with their money, we think that the average Singaporean can do so too.

In the effective altruism (EA) community, we have many options for people to give more effectively. For a start, we recommend looking at GiveWell, an organisation based in the US that evaluates charities’ effectiveness. GiveWell does in-dept research and provides recommendations for high impact giving opportunities.

Some community members in effective altruism also take a pledge, such as Giving What We Can (GWWC). This helps us commit a certain amount to give (e.g. 1% to 10% of income) and for a certain period of time (e.g. 1 year to lifetime), to give towards where we think we can do the most good.

Regardless of race, language, religion or nationality, we believe that

While we do not process donations here at EA SG, we promote these options for those who are interested to give more effectively.

As the founder of Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) Rob Mather said, “The equivalent of seven Jumbo Jets full of children die every day from malaria (3,000 children per day, every day).” By giving SG$50 to AMF, roughly 14 insecticide-treated bed nets can be distributed and protect 25 people against malaria. It is one of the many highly effective ways to do good with our money, to save lives.

We understand that giving might not be an option for everyone. Thus, there are other ways to do good that we share here. But for those who can, we hope that EA helps you with figuring out how you can use your limited resources more effectively to create a greater impact in this world.

Based on Department of Statistics Singapore, the median monthly household income is SG$9,023 in 2017.1 Assuming that there are two adults and two children in this household, this places the income earner at the richest 1.9% of the world's population.2