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We also have sub-communities in Singapore — with specific focus area or community base.



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the Singapore Chapter



This is where we get to meet — monthly meetups, speaker events and annual conference.


This is where people get to contribute — as organisers, ad-hoc needs and projects.


This is our main space to have discussions, share info and get updates — any time, any day.

Note: For those whom we have already met and expressed an interest to connect further.





EA @ NUS is a budding group among university students interested in learning about EA concepts and preparing for their future careers' impact. They (activity 1) and (activity 2) regularly during the semester. 

Chapter Lead:
Jonathan Ng (Year 2, CS)

Raffles Institution

Chapter Lead:
Zheng Ke Wei (Year 6)

Yale-NUS College

A completely new presence at Yale-NUS in 2019! This is a One for the World chapter, which focuses on helping students and young professionals give to the world's most effective charities to fight extreme poverty.

Chapter Leads:
Lau Ysien
Yuki Nakamura



There isn’t a chapter



by Causes & Interest Areas

Let us know if you’re interested to join any of these groups and we’ll share more info with you.


AI Safety
(Reading Group)

80,000 Hours (Career workshop)

Giving Circle

Currently, there are members who have pledged to give. Some are interested in improving our giving’s effectiveness.


Founders’ Pledge

SEAbridge is the local partner of Founders' Pledge – a global NPO – that enables Founders to give to charities effectively. Founders are invited to pledge a portion of their exit proceeds to a charity of their choice.  

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Are you interested in other areas like rationality, effective animal advocacy, mindfulness, mental health or other issues?


Global Community

Found EA Singapore but not living here? No worries!

We are a big global community and you might be able to connect with others nearer to you or online.



EA Hub has a database listing the various EA chapters around the world.

Note: The website is currently being worked on (as of 30 Nov 2018).


Type in ‘effective altruism (city)’ and you can easily know if there’s a community meetup going on near you. Join them!


There’s usually some presence on FB if there’s an EA community in a place. Search for ‘effective altruism (x)’, where x can be the city, country or university or school you are in. Connect further from there.


Can’t find a community near you?

Reach out to us directly and we might be able to connect you further.

Or, start an EA community where you are! Help others discover ways that they can do more good and do it more effectively.