Seva Foundation partners worldwide to create self-sustaining programmes that preserve and restore sight.

Seva works with existing local programmes and institutions to provide vision care and blindness prevention procedures. It provides free or low-cost eye exams, glasses, medical treatment and surgery to those who cannot afford to pay the full cost of these procedures. Seva’s revolutionary cataract interventions mean that a cataract surgery for an individual in the developing world can cost as little as $50.

Founded: 1978


Impact Areas: 

Preventable Blindness


Asia: Cambodia | India | Nepal | Tibetan Areas of China

Africa: Burundi | Egypt | Ethiopia | Congo | Brazzaville | Benin | Madagascar | Malawi | Tanzania

Americas: Guatemala


Seva Foundation focuses on preventing and treating blindness and visual impairment among impoverished communities in the developing world. 

Focus areas

Surgery: Low cost, high-quality surgeries cure blindness. Over 50% of blindness is caused by cataracts which can be cured by a 15-minute surgery costing as little as $50.

Building capacity: Working with local hospitals and institutions to improve infrastructure and increase eye care services means that people can access them long after Seva’s involvement has ended. 

Glasses: Eye care can change lives immediately. A pair of glasses can bring the world into focus and open the door of opportunity: students can read and learn and adults can work and care for their families.

Medical treatment: Access to the most basic eye care medicine can make a world of difference to people and families. Connecting people in remote communities with the medicine and treatment they need can prevent blindness before it happens.

Why recommended? 

Seva Foundation is recommended by The Life You Can Save. 


Seva offers free and deeply discounted procedures to individuals and families who cannot afford the services. During the 1990s, Seva was key in helping to launch the Indian-based Aurolab, which manufactures high quality, low-cost intraocular lenses for about $5 – compared to up to $150 at typical market prices.


Over 35 years, Seva has restored vision to over 35 million people. In 013 to 2014 alone, the organisation provided eye care services to one million people – 100,000 of whom received sight-restoring surgeries.

Reaching remote communities

Seva establishes vision centers in remote areas, and supports mobile teams of doctors and staff to provide health education, screening, and sight restoration surgeries to individuals unable to travel to established medical facilities.