A world without malnutrition.


The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) works to improve health through staple foods that are fortified with essential nutrients. GiveWell focuses exclusively on GAIN's work assisting universal salt iodization (USI) programs. Their USI activities vary considerably across countries and include advocacy, technical assistance, supplying equipment, training government officials and salt producers, and monitoring, among others. There is strong evidence that salt iodization programs have a significant, positive effect on children's cognitive development and do so cost-effectively. 


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Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Cambodia | China | India | Indonesia | Kazakhstan | Pakistan | Tajikistan | Vietnam | Yemen

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Brazil | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Haiti


Côte d'lvoire | Egypt | Ethiopia | Ghana | Kenya | Mali | Morocco | Mozambique | Nigeria | Senegal | South Africa | Tanzania | Uganda | Zambia

What do they do? 

GAIN believes that everyone in the world should have access to an affordable, healthy and nutritious diet. They focus on children, girls and women to break the cycle of malnutrition and poverty.


  • We focus our efforts on children, girls and women because we know that helping them have sustainable, nutritious diets is crucial to ending the cycle of malnutrition and poverty. 
  • By building alliances that deliver impact at scale, we believe that we can eliminate malnutrition within our lifetimes.
  • We act as a catalyst – building alliances between governments, business and civil society – to find and deliver solutions to the complex problem of malnutrition.  


(1) Large scale food fortification

  • Building the necessary public private partnerships, strengthening local supply by working on building quality assurance and quality control capacity with food processors and regulators and setting up monitoring and evaluation system to ensure this intervention is delivered in a sustainable way. 
  • Fortifying food staples such as flour, cooking oils and condiments with essential micronutrients


(2) Nutrition for women & children

  • Focuses on the 1,000 days from the start of a woman's pregnancy until her child's second birthday. 
  • Promote optimal breastfeeding and dietary diversity
  • Improve access to and utilization of high-quality, affordable nutritious foods and food supplements for women & children, strengthening delivery channels. 
  • Integrate the focus on complementary feeding with critical interventions such as WASH and approaches to support women's social and economic empowerment. 


(3) Agriculture for Nutrition Global Program

  • promotes dietary diversity - build an enabling environment for investment in agriculture and nutrition to improve the availability and access to affordable, nutritious, and diversified diets. 
  • strengthens the links between agriculture and nutrition by identifying the most effective approaches to retain and enhance nutrition in food along the agricultural value chain - from food production and storage to processing, distribution, retail and preparation. 

 (a) Scaling Nutritious Commodity Value Chains

 (b) Shaping Nutritious Food Systems

 (c) Improving Farmer Nutrition


(4) Business partnerships and alliances

  • Nutrition for Growth Compact - officially launched during the 2013 G8 meeting - is a commitment from business to focus on improving nutrition in its own workforces. 
  • Improve health for employees through nutrition-sensitive policies, including maternity leave and breastfeeding, targeted interventions such as nutrition education, nutritious foods in kitchens and canteens, and innovative programs using voucher systems and mobile technology to build links to local markets. 


Why are they recommended? 

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is recommended by GiveWell and The Life You Can Save