Support fortification of industrially milled cereal grains by collaborating with multi-sector partners.


 The Food Fortification Initiative (FFI) works to reduce micronutrient deficiencies (especially folic acid and iron deficiencies) by doing advocacy and providing assistance to countries as they design and implement flour and rice fortification programs. We believe that food fortification with certain micronutrients can be a highly effective intervention. 

(Source: http://www.givewell.org/charities/food-fortification-initiative)

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What do they do? 

An international partnership working to improve health through fortification of industrially milled grain products. 

They specialize in wheat flour, maize flour and rice. 

Nutrients most commonly used in post-harvest grain fortification are: 

  • Iron
  • Folic acid
  • B vitamin

Other nutrients that can be added are: 

  • Zinc
  • Vit A
  • Vit D
  • other B vitamins such as niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and B12



  • Builds alliances between governments and international agencies, wheat and flour industries, and consumer and civic organizations to increase the vitamin and mineral content in flour. The network of partners, including CDC, is working to make flour fortification standard practice in large roller mills.

  • Provides support through multi-sector collaborations that includes: 

- Communications resources on the benefits of fortification

- Technical assistance in planning, implementing and monitoring fortification programs

- Tracking progress at the country and global levels

  • FFI is a public, private, and civic partnership - primarily supporting national stakeholders in the public, private and civic sectors. 
  • Key leaders are government officials, industry managers, civic sector organizers, and staff of NGOs. 

Why are they recommended? 

Food Fortification Initiative (FFI) is recommended by GiveWell



  • "Capital costs to begin rice fortification vary depending on the type of technology used.

  • The recurring costs to fortify one metric ton of rice range from US$ 6 to US$ 20, depending mainly on the complexity of the mix of vitamins and mineral added."