A world where all at-risk children have improved health, increased access to education, and better livelihoods potential as a result of being free of intestinal worms.


The Deworm the World Initiative, led by Evidence Action, advocates for, supports, and evaluates government-run school-based deworming program. Deworm the World sends monitors to schools during and after deworming to determine whether the programs it supports have reached a large proportion of children targeted. GiveWell has reviewed data from its two largest programs and one new program, which overall indicate strong results. 


Where they work


Kenya | Nigeria | Ethiopia  


India | Vietnam


What do they do? 

Evidence Action -- to scale programs with sustainable business models that have been proven to be effective so that they benefit millions of people. 

  • Scales up school-based deworming programs worldwide to improve children's health, education and long-term development. 

  • Leveraging existing infrastructure. 

Why are they recommended? 

Deworm the World Initiative is recommended by GiveWell and The Life You Can Save



  • Currently supports deworming of more than 200 million children annually. 
  • Treatment coverage of over 80% of at-risk children at a cost of less than USD 50 cents per child per year.