Effective Altruism (Singapore) is a local community and engages with donors, students, philanthropists, corporates, and social impact organisations to share ideas and look at ways for how to do good more effectively.

Our work involves community building, career coaching, promoting effective giving and research.

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Doing good better:

Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism (EA) is about using an evidence-based approach to do the most good that we can. 

We all have limited time and resources. Many of us want to make a difference in the world, in big or small ways. 

Effective Altruism offers you a set of thinking, a community and resources to help you increase the impact that you can have, from where you are now. 

Prioritising Causes
Which causes have we neglected that are highly solvable and huge in scale?
Nearly half of the world's population live under $5.50 per day (PPP). When it comes to helping people in poverty, targeting cost-effective health interventions is a very effective way of empowering the poor.
Many people care about animals, but maybe not those in factory farms. We think that there is a very compelling case to direct more attention to this issue - almost 60 billion animals are used by humans for food each year worldwide. There is an opportunity for us to consider how we can act on reducing the suffering of animals, including through clean meat technologies.
Assuming that human extinction is undesirable, mitigating existential risk issues can be a very valuable area to work on. Addressing threats such as climate change, pandemic risks, nuclear wars and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) are real concerns for preserving the planet for future generations.
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We can see that by thinking carefully and by focusing on those problems that are big, solvable and neglected, we can make a truly tremendous difference to the world...
— Will MacAskill, TED2018
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